What Do You Do with a Beached Whale?

Suzanne Uncategorized

Do any of you remember the news story of a beached whale in Florence, Oregon?

My son-in-law told me about it–he had learned about it way back in high school. We were talking about the Whale Museum in Nantucket–where there’s a fascinating story (and skeleton) of a sperm whale that had beached itself and died in Sconset in 1997.

This youtube clip dates to 1970…to a beached (very, very dead) whale in Florence, Oregon. I mean…what to do with a beached whale is a bit of a conundrum…but how the State Highway Patrol dealt with the Oregon whale…well, it was just…ridiculous! As you listen, note what happened to the seabirds! The very ones they had counted on to scavage the whale carcass.