Wednesday’s Wonderings: The Problem with Mirrors

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Over the last eight months, we’ve been renovating the bathrooms in our house. If you’ve ever done any remodels, you know it’s not a one-person job—lots of coordination is required to keep progress moving forward. Contractor, plumber, electrician, tile guy, counter guy, mirror guy … and of course, the inspectors. The last bathroom was the master bath, and we had a slight slow-down in getting mirrors installed over the sinks.

Here’s what I discovered: I didn’t miss it. In fact, it was nice. Granted, getting my contacts in and make-up took some finagling, but I found it rather refreshing to not have my reflection peering back at me quite so often. Criticizing…judging…finding fault. You know what I mean, don’t you?

Most of the Amish homes I’ve been in have very few mirrors. It’s a misconception that they don’t have them at all—they do. But they’re usually a small round wall mirror over a sink. Big enough to get the job done, but not large enough to ponder the size of one’s midriff. A very appropriate use of a mirror, in God’s eyes. They think of their appearance, but they don’t overthink it.

It brings to mind one of my favorite quotes by C.S. Lewis: “Christians are not to think less of themselves, but to think of themselves less.” That’s what happened when I lived without a bathroom mirror. I thought of myself…less.

The mirror in our master bath is installed now, and I do appreciate not having to run into another room to put in my contact lens. But I also try to catch myself before those judging thoughts get triggered. Instead, I smile, give thanks to God for a healthy body, and move on with my day.

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