Voting Day!!

Suzanne Uncategorized

On the radio yesterday, I heard that more Americans vote for the next American Idol than for the next President of the United States.

Tsk, tsk, America.

According to my friend Ann, who is one of those go-to gals on just about everything, Starbucks is offering a free cup of coffee to anyone who has voted.

Count me in! I’ve already voted but I’m heading to a Starbucks’.

The Amish have a way of looking at elections that I’ve adopted for this one (and yes, they are permitted to vote but their turn-out is low, usually 10%)…”You pick the President. We’ll pray for him.”

So vote! And say a prayer, too, for our next President, whether he is your choice or not. What other job needs our prayers as much as that one?

And let me know if you got your cup of coffee, too.