Uh Oh. Not a Good Way to Start the Week

Suzanne Uncategorized

I woke up this morning and everyone was in their normal routine. My husband left, older son left. I wondered why the other son (my senior in high school) was still asleep, so I went back to his room and it was empty!

I mean, that is not normal. He is the type who squeezes every extra minute of morning shut-eye he can get.

So I immediately texted him and crossly asked, “Where are you?!”

Probably off playing that silly Assassins game, I figured.

Then I noticed the clocks. I was an hour off. But my husband left at the normal time! Or so I thought. I called him…he said that he was running behind today and forgot to mention it.

My son later texted me back and said, “I’m usually at school at this time, MOTHER.”

Mea culpa.

And so another week begins!