Travels with Dad

Suzanne Uncategorized

Just a few evenings ago, I received an unexpected phone call. It was a California Highway Patrolman, telling me that he had my father with him and could I please come get him? Like, right away?

Apparently, Dad had cleverly slipped out of the Board & Care. He had someplace he had to go. His toothbrush was in his pocket and he had an envelope of his “mail” (coupons and a picture of my niece and her fiance).

Here’s the part that stopped my heart for a few minutes (it’s still racing when I think about it)…

Dad was found by the CHP on the freeway, walking along the side, wandering into the lanes.

The Board and Care people were frantic, trying to find Dad .(I really don’t blame them…Dad is an escape artist. 60% of Alzheimers’ patients take-off, even in very heavily guarded, buzzer-laden facilities.) Anyway, they were frantic, the CHP was shaken up, I was a wreck…and Dad was fine! Delighted to introduce me to his new uniformed friend.

So, yes, additional precautions are being taken at the Board & Care, and I’m looking into radio frequency bracelets, and I’m open to suggestions!

But one thing, without a doubt, the good Lord watches over my dad.