Top 12 Things to Know About Guide Dogs for the Blind

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Most of you know I have a soft spot for Guide Dogs for the Blind, my favorite charity. Love the dogs, love the people behind the dogs. This is a little bit of interesting info about GDB that I thought you’d like to know…

1. Number of Active Teams: 2,200

2. Number of Graduates a Year: Around 340

3. Average Life of a Guide Dog Team: Over 7 years

4. Annual Cost of Veterinary Program: $2.6 million per year

5. Breeds and Numbers of Dogs: 160 dogs in breeding colony/900 puppies in homes
More than 80% are Labrador Retrievers. Lab/Golden Crosses, and Golden Retrievers are also used. Around half become Guide Dogs

6. Length of Training: Length of Training for Dogs: approximately 3 months
Length of Training for Students: between 2–4 weeks

7. Average Age of Students: Around 50 years of age (Students have ranged from 14–92 years)

8. Employment Rate for Graduates: About a third are employed

9. Number of GDB Staff/Volunteers on Both Campuses: 289 employees and 800 campus volunteers

10. Annual Operating Budget and Percentage Spent on Core Program vs. Administration:
$30 million annual operating budget
82.9% core program vs. 17.1% administration

11. Cost of a Guide Dog Team: When all costs are factored in, the total may exceed $65,000

12. Cost to the Students: Zero. All expenses are covered by donations to GDB