Today, We’re Making Whoopie!

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Anywhere you go in Lancaster County, you will come across whoopie pies. In all kinds of flavors–chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter. All kinds of oh-so-creamy fillings, too! Marshmallow, buttercream, cream cheese, mint. More peanut butter.

They’re a Penn Dutch stable, those whoopies!

Last night, I made two batches of whoopie pies to prepare for today’s interview with the authors of Whoopie Pies (Chronicle Books). First one…tasted great but looked pretty bad. Second batch…looked great, tasted great!

Tonight is our small group meeting at our house, so they’re my guinea pigs.

What I love about this cookbook is that it stretches a kitchen cook “out of the box.” Bacon cheddar chive whoopies?! Jalopeno cornbread whoopies?! The possibilities are staggering!

This cookbook is fun, with eye-pleasing designs, and anecdotal texts from the authors that makes me eager to interview them today.

Here’s my favorite…

“We are pretty lazy bakers. We have bad baking habits, like eyeballing measurements. Nothing bad has happened to us yet.”

These are my kind of gals.

And the authors are providing a free copy of this fabulous new cookbook called “Whoopie Pies” (Chronicle Books). Leave a comment to win! Tune in at 4pm CST on to hear the authors’ spill their secrets. And let me know if you have any question for them…I’ll try to work it in.

Between bites.