Today! Johnsen & Taylor Bookstore in Wheaton, Illinois

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Today is a very special day! First, it’s my youngest son’s 20th birthday (which means no more teenagers in our house. Kinda sad.). So I am in Illinois to visit my son and take him out for a very nice steak dinner. But first, I’ll be giving a talk about the Amish at Johnsen & Taylor Bookstore in Wheaton, Illinois. 1pm, if you’re in the area. Please come and say hello! I’ve encouraged my son to invite his entire basketball team. Every single player. My son’s worry is the Q&A period. 🙂 (I worry about that, too. These kids are much smarter than I am.) I hope to see a couple of familiar faces while I’m there, too. I have a college friend, Laura, who lives there. And some writer friends, Joanna and Elissa. My son, his friends, my friends, plus reader friends. All in one day! This writing gig is so much fun!