Time for I.G.O.

Suzanne Uncategorized

When my youngest son was in the second grade, his teacher devoted the first ten minutes of every class to “I. G. O.” time.

“I’m Getting Organized.”

A brilliantly simple concept. Or maybe…simply brilliant.

Somehow…the condition of my work space (my closet, too) is a good indicator of the stress in my life. If it’s a mess…then I am usually in scrambling mode. Too busy! And when I’m overloaded, then my work isn’t as good as it should be, home life isn’t running smoothly, and simple joy in the everyday seeps away.

But an easy remedy is…I.G.O! It’s amazing how tackling one little thing–making a to-do list so you can see how much needs to get accomplished today, or cleaning out your desk, or organizing your closet…it’s surprisingly therapeutic!

Give it a try and let me know if it helps.