Thursday’s Giveaway! "Blissfully Blended"

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We had an exciting evening last night…my son’s high school varsity basketball team was playing in NCS (North Coast Sectionals). The game was held at a nearby college. The team they played against was a private school that has a tendency to win everything. All. The. Time. My son’s team has beat them once (oh, a sweet moment!)…lost to them once…and faced them again last night.

Crowded parking, crowded gym, intense 6th man.

I have to confess…there’s something about this private school that brings out unpleasant feelings in me. I don’t usually feel that way! I’m usually pretty understanding–that the kids are kids.

But this team…they’re not like normal kids. They exude arrogance. For example, as my son was making a free throw, the other team’s 6th man was yelling out rude comments about my son’s girlfriend (who is a lovely person). That’s the kind of team they are, though. Impressive athletically. Unimpressive in every other way.

Anyway…my son’s team battled to the end but lost by 2 points! Two tiny little points!

Earlier in the evening, my husband and I took two cars…met at a library so we only had one car on the crowded campus. Afterward, my husband and son were so involved in the emotion of the game…they left without me!

In a strange coincidence, my other son happened to drive back to the gym after dropping a friend off in town and he called me to see where everyone was…just as I reached the empty parking lot. Averted a potential Mom-losing-it disaster.

But there’s still a gray cloud over our house…my son left the house this morning, grim-faced and solemn. (This is where I get a little tired of the uber-importance put on sports in the male world. In my household, anyway.)

And I have to go to the dentist this morning for a l-o-o-o-n-n-n-g appointment…so let’s do something fun. I have two copies of a new book by Barbour Publishing, Blissfully Blessed. It’s a wonderful, uplifting devotional for blended families.

About the book: Delve into Blissfully Blended and take pleasure in the perfect amount of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration. It’s the ideal way for you to begin or end your day—or for a much-needed afternoon pick-me-up.

So leave a comment or e-mail me (suzanne at suzannewoodsfisher dot come) and share a favorite memory about your kids playing sports…or tell me if your husband ever forgot you at a basketball gym! I’ll pick a winner Friday by five pm (PST).