The Way to a Man’s Heart…

Suzanne Uncategorized

“Mom, Mrs. Grinstead is so awesome!” Tad said on the car ride home from school yesterday. “She was in charge of the Senior Football players’ lunch so she brought them all meatball sandwiches.”

I know Mrs. Grinstead is awesome. Really, really awesome. But I had one of those hunches moms’ get.

“Any chance she gave you one of the seniors’ meatball sandwiches, Tad?” I asked.

He looked surprised. “Well, yeah, in fact she did.” Then he broke into a grin. “I had to reach over the seniors to get a napkin cuz, you know, meatball sandwiches are messy. The seniors looked at me like they were wondering what the heck a junior was doing here. A non-football playing junior. Before they started thinking they should ‘remove me from the premises,’ I decided I would just make a quick exit.”