The Secret Life of Turkeys

Suzanne Uncategorized

If you look carefully at this wild turkey, you’ll see that he is favoring one leg. There is a flock of turkeys that roam my street (and yard and trees). A few weeks ago, I noticed that one of the turkeys had a bum knee and hobbled behind the flock. Soon, I presumed, he would be dinner for a coyote or fox.

But I kept seeing that turkey limp around my neighborhood, trailing behind the flock. One afternoon, I even noticed the flock waiting patiently for Mr. Bum Knee to cross the road. They really did! They were lined up like a row of swim team parents waiting at the finish, cheering him on with squeals and gobbles.

How many tiny pieces of wild animals’ lives are we humans blessed to see?

And, perhaps more importantly, how does a flock of wild turkeys have more compassion than most people?