The Choice is Here!

Suzanne Uncategorized

The Choice arrived yesterday afternoon! Two big cartons, straight from the printer. It will take some time to find its way into stores…but the book looks so beautiful! Front and back! (And my son still wants to date that cover model.)

It’s such an amazing feeling to think that a story started in my laundry room…in my TINY laundry room…where the computer is squeezed into a corner.

The manuscript gets sent off to the editor, comes back for edits, goes back again, then off to the project editor for more proofreading and edits…back and forth a couple of times as galleys, then proofs. Meanwhile, the graphic artists have created a gorgeous cover. The marketing and sales team have worked their magic to start an industry buzz…

Then voila! The doorbell rings and the UPS guy is standing at my door in his brown shorts. By his side is a dolly filled with boxes! And back that story comes, just a few feet away from that laundry room.

It never gets old, that feeling!