The Brown Bag Lunch

Suzanne Uncategorized

Each morning, I make a bag lunch for my high school son. It’s a routine I have done for my kids for…well, twenty years now. And every single morning, I am poignantly aware that I won’t be doing this much longer. My son is sixteen…nearly half-way through high school.

For years, making four lunches in the morning was quite a feat. It really took a lot of planning to make sure I had enough stuff for four lunches! Every single day.

One time, three kids stayed with us while their parents were away and I had to keep running to the store to re-supply. Just for those lunches!

So when I pull out one brown bag, it never fails to remind me that the empty nest is ahead of me, getting close.

On the flip side, it is really easy to make a good lunch for my son when I only have to make one. In fact, he has incredible lunches. Whole Food kind of lunches.

Poetic justice, it seems, for the youngest child.