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The Facebook party was a blast! Over 500+ comments! Even with Facebook threatening to shut me down for having too much activity on my sight. Again. (Sheesh! The only way to avoid that is to have a Fan Page and the thought of that makes me shudder.)

Thanks to everyone who dropped by! And a big thank you to those who bought “The Choice.”

You have until midnight tonight to get back to Amy about those trivia Q’s. (Amy’s e-mail is: Tomorrow, we’ll announce all of the winners here and on Facebook.

So here’s The Big Announcement! Starting March 11th, 4-5pm CST, I will be hosting a weekly radio program called “Amish Wisdom.” It’s a live show, featuring all kinds of fascinating guests who have a connection to the Amish, and free podcasts can be downloaded on Itunes.

Check out my radio program’s “landing page” here!