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In their own words…

A woman was brave enough to try to protect her family from a yearling bear that walked up onto their patio and pressed its nose against the wind and looked into the dining room. Before that, one of the children had come running into the house, all excited, and said that there’s a bear in the yard. This mother got the shotgun and some light shells and went outside as the children in the house cheered her on. The bear ran up a tree and sat there looking at her. She waited until it finally came down and then peppered it in the rear, but it just climbed up another tree. Finally it came down and lumbered off into the woods. Later mamma bear came along, examined the slop pile, then continued sniffing the scent of her cub, and eventually disappeared into the woods behind their house. This morning a middle-sized bear feasted on the ripe peaches in the yard. All this makes it a little scary for the children to play in the yard! Scribe from Free Union, Virginia