Text Messaging

Suzanne Uncategorized

The other morning, my kids and I went into a cell phone store to upgrade/adjust/fix our family phone usage. Text messaging seems to be far more manageable than phone calls…and, personally, I’d rather have my kids spend less time talking on the phone than sending a quick text message. So…I’ve joined the text messaging population and am trying to get up to speed. Literally.

Then…I happened to read tan article in the paper about text messaging and driving. I’ve taped it to my kids’ mirrors, underlining the horrible parts, to strike fear in their hearts.

A recent poll found that half of all people who text message…text while driving.

91% say that driving while texting is as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol.

89% admit that driving while texting is dangerous, distracting, and should be outlawed.

64% of those who text message while driving are between the ages of 18 and 34, while six percent were 55 and older.

(Who are those 55 and older text messager types?! My 45-55 crowd is just getting the hang of cell phones and e-mail.)