Swine Flu and Clorox Wipes

Suzanne Uncategorized

This winter, according to California’s state government, one of four Californians will contract the Swine Flu.

And of course, this whole darn vaccine thing is a problem, they say. Not enough, not the right virus, needs more research, etc.

Those kinds of nameless government-originated edicts make me mad–they create nothing but fear.

Until I remember that most everything the government of California predicts is usually wrong, anyway.

To my way of thinking, common sense is the best medicine. Wash hands a LOT. Get more rest. Slow down a little. Eat more healthful foods. Take your vitamins. Exercise. Get out in the sunshine and fresh air every day. Laugh more.

And use Clorox Wipes! Apparently, (and I have it on good authority) that product is BOOMING.