Superbowl Ads

Suzanne Uncategorized

Did you watch the Superbowl? I didn’t. I was at my friend Kim’s and we just talked in the kitchen while the game carried on. But the commercials…those are worth watching on you tube!

There’s even one with the Amish in it! (Amish actors, of course.) I couldn’t find a way to embed it, but if you click here, you’ll go to it.

Here’s Betty White being…Betty White. I start to laugh when I just see her face!

And this one was hilarious, too. Beware if you’re easily embarrassed (I am…but this is pretty tame)…not-exactly-model-type-guys in undies alert!

And then there was the much rumored Tim Tebow ad.

The commercial, long suspected to contain a pro-life message, was protested by many women’s groups, which pressured CBS not to air the ad. Planned Parenthood even released a preemptive video in response to the commercial.

I won’t make a comment on the Planned Parenthood ad…but one thing I will say about Tim Tebow…I sure do like his momma.