Snow Story

Suzanne Uncategorized

Everybody has a snow story this winter. This one takes the cake, though. Just read it in The Budget–an Amish-Mennonite newspaper published in Sugarcreek, Ohio. Oh…what must the Amish think of us?!

“Early last week we had quite a good dose of snow, which tends to alter schedules now and then, but it doesn’t keep people at home too long in this part of the country. It does generate an interesting little story now and then, like the story in our local paper about a man who, after the night of blowing and drifting snow, called the police to report two stolen cars from in front of his house. The police showed up and did a little digging into the big snow drifts and found both cars exactly where the owner had parked them.” ~A Budget Scribe in Grove City, Minnesota