Slowing Down Childhood

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I’m giving a talk to young moms soon called “Slowing Down Childhood.” As I was researching info for the talk, I came across these stats:

In the past twenty years, children’s free time has declined by twelve hours a week, time spent on structured sports activities has doubled, family dinners are down by a third, and the number of families taking vacations together has decreased by 28 percent.

Are today’s kids growing up without time to be kids?

How does your child’s childhood compared to yours…structure-wise?

Are you able to the brakes on your family’s frenzied schedule? What’s your best tip?

I’m interested in your thoughts and suggestions–it really helps me know what direction to take as I work on the content for this talk.

Send me your tips via comments or e-mails (suzanne at suzannewoodsfisher dot com) and I’ll add your name to the hat for a drawing. I’ve just received another box of Amish cookbooks from my Amish friends and I’m eager to share one or two with my bleaders! (Blog + Readers = Bleaders) Plus, my closet is getting full with books again and I need to make room to hide Christmas gifts!

The winner will be announced on Monday’s blog.

Thanks, in advance, for being my Bleader! Hope your week is off to a good start.