Skimping on the Blog

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I’ve had a number of people lately ask me, very politely, if I’m not really blogging any more. I owe you all an apology–I really haven’t posted regularly since September. A couple of reasons:

1) A lot of personal newsy news has shifted to Facebook. It’s amazing–FB is so easy and interactive–I love it!

2) I just completed a whirlwind of writing. A manuscript due August 1st, another due September 1st, another one due January 1st. PHEW. My creativity has been swallowed up by those manuscripts! Plus, three books have released, too–and promotion is a HUGE part of this author gig. Hopefully, it’ll be a little more manageable now…at least until summer when it all ramps up again. (Don’t get me wrong! I’m not complaining! So grateful for every opportunity to write!)

Una at 7 weeks of age

3) Lots happening family wise–youngest son left for college, youngest daughter started her first “big girl job” and moved into her new apartment. A new Guide Dog for the Blind puppy, Una, has joined our household.  My dad continues to decline–thank you, those of you who have asked about him.

4) My daughter had a baby! Little Blake–born in Rhode Island on September 8th. I’ve been back there twice, and now baby Blake is visiting us for a month. SO MUCH FUN!  

Anyway…that’s the news from my home. Thanks for your patience with my hit-and-miss blog posting! Hoping to do a little better in 2011.

Blessings and joy! Suzanne