Scenes of Ohio

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More quirky!

Many Ohio Amish ride bicycles.

The art of corn shocking. If you were a bird, wouldn’t you rather be on an Amish farm, with corn shocks? 

Lots of basketball hoops at Amish schools.

A birdfeeder set up high so children can observe. And re-fill!

Another shot of the bird feeder.
This is an Amish home. Notice the decorating touches out front!

Cars and buggies share the road.

A great example of how Amish houses grew as a family grows.

A covered bridge over Sugarcreek, Ohio

Not an Amish barn, but these quilts painted on the side of the barn were common sights.

Now this is an Amish barn.

Not an Amish barn, but notice the quilt painting on the side.

Common to see those little brooks and creeks running through fields, with covered bridges.