Peace, Peace

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I really enjoyed reading about everyone’s favorite Christmas carol last week. Funny thing about music…it just seeps into your soul and stays there forever. I can’t get over how my dad (in the late stage of Alzheimer’s) can still belt out “Amazing Grace,” but can’t string a sentence together. Music just goes deep.

This Youtube clip is my very, very, very favorite Christmas carol. The other day, I heard it in a store and I just…choked up. It brought tears to my eyes and I had to leave the store! The memory swept me away…to many Christmas Eves, when I was a teenager at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. Peace, Peace was always the last song of the service. The sanctuary lights were turned out. Each parishioner was given a candle. A candle was lit, then one by one, the firelight was shared all through the sanctuary. Such a beautiful, catch-in-the-heart moment!

Well, until the fire department got wind of it and shut that down. 🙂

Take a quiet moment today, get a cup of tea and listen to this rendition…