Ohio Book Trip!

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I’m home from a wonderful whirlwind through Ohio! It was a fantastic trip–on all fronts! Even a snowstorm and a case of laryngitis didn’t diminish the experience! I met so many wonderful readers–some were friends I’ve made through Facebook who made heroic efforts to drive to the bookstores. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I felt when I met these friends, face to face!

And then I met a number of people who have been guests on Amish Wisdom!

Cheryl Harner (left of me) is President of the Audobon Society for her county. Cheryl’s interview on “Amish Wisdom” has been one of the top rated shows!

A privilege to meet bestselling author Mary Ellis!

This is LeeAnn Miller, television personality (and all around wonderful personality, in my book!).

 It was so enjoyable to spend time in independent bookstores, to meet managers and staffers who are selling our books. At one point, I thought of how my books start out with an idea, in a tiny laundry room…and end up across the country, in a bookstore in Ohio!

Tomorrow…impressions of Ohio.