Oh, Tess!

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Tess is my breeder dog for Guide Dogs for the Blind. She is a 2-year-old golden retriever–very light colored–donated to Guide Dogs from a similar organization in Australia! She’s been with me since mid-April, though off and on. She was only with me a week and promptly went into season! So back she went to Guide Dogs to be bred to a manly dog.

Tess had an ultrasound about 3 weeks ago to see if she might be pregnant. Alas! No puppies.

Just to be absolutely sure, the vet scheduled a follow-up ultrasound. So this week, I took Tess back up to GDB for her appt. Would you believe…the ultrasound found one puppy! One little puppy.

My friend Laura said that Tess is interested in quality, not quantity. Ha!

So Tess’ due date is July 2nd! A dog’s gestation period is only 65 days. Stay tuned…will keep you posted on Tess and her baby.