O.M.G. and other phrases that need to be retired…

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Yesterday’s post brought a flood of emails and comments! I got the biggest kick out of what jargon my bleaders are ready to retire. I think you’re all spot-on, too.

You go, girl
My bad
Yadda, yadda, yadda
Gray (or whatever) is the new black

And so many others! Keep ’em coming! We’re going to clean up the modern vernacular, one phrase at a time.

I found out yesterday that The Choice went into its second printing before it released on January 1st, and the publisher is keeping a “watchful eye for another reprint.”

The Choice is off to a great start! I’m getting a lot of reader e-mails, which just makes my day…and then some! Fascinating to see what pops out for a reader. Each one is so different–but that’s the fun of reading. It’s a very subjective experience.

However, there is a common thread among readers which delights me: The Choice is filled with surprising twists and turns and readers say they can’t put it down.

Oh…and they’re eager for Book #2!

(Longevity is a very good thing for an author. A very, very good thing.)

There’s a terrific review of The Choice on Mean Mama’s Book Reviews. I’m not at all sure she’s a Mean Mama…seems like a lovely, wise, intelligent and discerning person to me!