My Mini-Van Has Battlescars

Suzanne Uncategorized

On Tuesday, my youngest child received his one hour validation to become a bona fide permit driver. I picked him up from baseball practice, steeled myself, made the sign of the cross (though I’m not Catholic)…and let him drive home.

Mind you, my fourth child…my fourth new driver! Somehow I had forgotten (blocked, perhaps?) that nerve-wracked feeling of being in a passenger seat next to a new driver!

And let me tell you…if anyone needs angioplasty surgery and wants to avoid it…I would recommend that you try this alternative method. Your blood pressure will sky rocket and it will blast away any clogged arteries.

My only consolation is that this will be the last time my faithful and beloved mini-van will receive battlescars. I always said I wouldn’t give her up until the last child is driving. Competently.

Might just have her for a while.