My Kitchen during Radio Interviews

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Yesterday morning, I had two back-to-back radio interviews about Amish Peace. One live, one for podcast. This is what my kitchen counter looked like during those interviews:

The radio hosts are sent a Q&A sheet, plus bio info, plus a copy of the book for the interview. Being slightly neurotic, I wrote out answers to all of those questions, plus every other possible question under the sun, plus looked for stats and facts. Just in case they asked.

One host went right down the Q&A list. The other one made up his own Q’s. Kind of odd ones, like “Do the Amish bathe?”


The first minute or so of the interview is painful–getting used to the host’s style, awkward pauses, discovering with horror that blocking Call Waiting didn’t work (Grrr! I hate that blocking thing! Sometimes it works, mostly it doesn’t!). But once the interview gets underway, a rhythm gets rolling and it’s really kind of fun.

Sort of.

When it’s all over…I do the happy dance! And then feel like a popped balloon for the rest of the day.