Mother of the Bride (MOB) Dress

Suzanne Uncategorized

Just in case any of you are wondering about the hunt for the MOB dress…well, it’s ten days to the wedding and still no dress!

Despite searching, I could not find a ready made dress that made me look the way I wanted to look at my daughter’s wedding. Either I looked like I was going to a prom or I looked like Emily Gilmore.

So I took some fabric and a pattern down to the dressmaker in my town and she is making a dress for me. It was supposed to be ready on June 19th. When I stopped in on June 19th, she hadn’t started it yet.

“Not to worry!” she reassured me in her thick Cambodian accent.

So now I’m supposed to return for a fitting on July 7th. One week before the wedding.

Hmmm. Would you be worried?