More on Fly Fishing

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Isn’t it strange how you learn something new–like a vocab word–and suddenly you hear it everywhere? That’s what fly fishing has been for me lately.

In the sermon at church yesterday, fly fishing was brought up as a parallel to raising children: if the line is too loose, the fish gets away. If it’s too tight, the fish fights. The line is supposed to be cast with just the right amount of tension…enough so that the fish is aware of its weight at the end of the line.

So, as my interest in fly fishing is starting to develop, I ordered A River Runs Through It from Netflix.

Brad Pitt was very cute in it but that movie has absolutely no plot. Won an Oscar, too.

The scenery of Montana was gorgeous…which is what earned its Oscar, I think. And now I want to try out fly fishing someday.

Only snag is I just don’t like fish.

And it’s the great cosmic joke on me that I married a man named Fisher.