Monday Muse

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A moment of silence, please, for the passing of Paul Newman. A great actor, a great guy, and maker of a great salad dressing, too.

There. Thank you.

Now…moving on…

Saw the movie Outsourced this last week (DVD) and would highly recommend it. It’s the story of an ambitious young American businessman who gets transferred to India to manage a call center. A little bit predictable but very enjoyable.

My oldest son just returned home from a two week business trip to Athens, Greece. He happened to be staying in the same hotel that we had stayed as a family, years ago, on a trip. A few months after we had been there, the hotel was bombed. While my son was there this last week, a bomb threat caused the complete evacuation of the hotel.

Happily, a false alarm. Also, happily, I was blissfully unaware of that crisis.

But business as usual, it seems, for Greece.

Hope your week is off to a great start!