Monday Morning and Birds

Suzanne Uncategorized

I woke up very early this morning and listened to the birds as their day began. It’s really quite exquisite…the dawn of a new day, the song of the birds, the peace of the moment. Made me feel so happy to be alive!

Last week’s guest on Amish Wisdom was Cheryl Harner, president of the Greater Mohican Audubon Society and an avid bird watcher. She lives in Ohio and birds among the Amish. This last weekend was International Bird Migratory Day near where Cheryl lives. All kinds of serious birders came out to an area to catch a glimpse of rare birds, on their journey north for the summer. Migration is such a miracle!

Cheryl took a picture of some of her Plain friends and posted it (and the paragraph below) on her excellent blog, Weedpicker’s Journal.

We found a second Golden-winged Warbler at Metzger Marsh, where we enjoyed birding with some of Holmes county’s “plain” birders. Many of our area’s Amish are excellent birders and whole families come out to see these colorful migrants. After one all-too-brief look, an elderly gentleman remarked, “Oh, it is pleasing to see, sure enough.” And indeed, he is right.

If you’re interested in the Amish, in birds, in the environment, in gardening…you’ll enjoy listening to Cheryl’s interview on Amish Wisdom. She’s fascinating!