Meet Tess’ New Puppies!

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Tess and Toffee, right at the threshold of my “office” (AKA laundry room)—the Golden Gate.


Tess was pregnant with 6+ puppies (future guides for Guide Dogs for the blind). She was due April 25. I took her to Guide Dogs on Saturday . . . to the maternity ward


Toffee (Tess’s daughter, also a breeder for Guide Dogs for the Blind) is missing her mom. Tess won’t be back until late May. Quiet house with only one dog!

tesschildThis was Tess a few days before we took her to the maternity ward. She’s great with child!

And . . . now you can meet the new puppies!

Tess x Norbert Pups 2013

Tess had ten puppies: two yellow boys, three black girls, five yellow girls.