It’s Getting Close!

Suzanne Uncategorized

My cover just arrived yesterday! The book is at the printer and will soon be uploaded into Amazon’s system. Definitely starting to feel “real.”

A bunch of glowing reviews have come in lately, too.

From Historical Novels Review: “Louisa’s outspoken but humble and pious personality provides the perfect point of view for anecdotes of small-town life during the war years. Copper Star’s plot builds in conflict and excitement, and its tender romance warms the heart.”

From, a very cool review site in the U.K.: “Enchanting, evocative and captivating, these characters and their unfolding tale of loss and love, espionage and war in 1940’s America will have you drawn in from the very first page.”

Today is my first book club without-a-book meeting! I will have to be brilliant, amusing, and memorable.

Hmmm…I think I’ll bring food.