Inexperience + Attitude = Impending Disaster

Suzanne Uncategorized

What is it about teenage boys and cars? My fifteen-year-old has had about 6 hours, total, behind the wheel and is convinced…CONVINCED…he’s an expert driver.

A few days ago, we drove downtown to mail some letters. Tad pulled up to the mailbox, leaned over to drop the letters in the slot, MISSED IT!, the letters scattered, Tad opened the car door to retrieve the letters but forgot to shift the gear into park, the car moved forward and drove over the letters, trapping them under the wheel.

Cars were now lined up behind us in the mailbox qeue.

Tad avoided my glare, hopped back in the car, reversed it, put it in park, retrieved the letters, dropped them in the slot, and drove away. Undisturbed!

I, on the other hand, was not quite as undisturbed.