How to Preserve a Husband

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This tongue-in-cheek advice is taken from an Amish cookbook that I purchased while traveling in the Lancaster area. Tomorrow, I am giving away two copies of this very cookbook! It’s filled with amusing bromides of the Amish life. And proceeds are donated to the Nickel Mines Schoolhouse shooting victims. Check in tomorrow for details.

“How to Preserve a Husband”

First use care and find one not too young, but one that is tender and a healthy growth. Make your selection carefully and let it be final. Otherwise, they will not keep. Like wine, they improve with age. Do not pickle or put in hot water. This will make them sour.

Prepare as follows:

Sweeten with smiles according to the variety. The sour, bitter kind are improved by a pinch of salt of common sense. Spice with patience, wrap well in a mantel of charity. Preserve over a good fire of steady devotion. Serve with peaches and cream.

The poorest varieties may be improved by the process and will keep for years in any climate.