Halloween Puppy Party!

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Last night was our local puppy club’s Halloween Party for the Guide Dog for the Blind pups-in-training. Fun, fun evening…with games for the pups and raisers. A subtle way of running through some exercises.

In a twist on Musical Chairs, we played Musical Hoops…where the dogs and raisers had to find an empty hula hoop to sit in when the music stopped. One way for the puppies to learn how to “sit small.” Something they will need to learn as a partner to a blind person when they travel in airplanes, buses, trains, cars.

Here’s “Hoops.”

This is “Adonis.”

These two, Zinny and Brent, are the Cookie Monsters.

And here is my co-raiser, Stephanie, working with Queen “Reyna.”

Reyna’s had it.

Have a good photo of your dog in a Halloween costume? If so, send it to me! I’ll try to post it next week. If I get enough, I’ll rack my braines and think up a fun contest…with a dog friendly prize!

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