Get Your Hanky for this One

Suzanne Uncategorized

My son, Tad, finished up his Varsity basketball season last week. The team went to the championships but lost in the first game. When Tad was pulled toward the end of the game and sat on the bench, I knew that was a wrap for his junior year of b-ball. Next year, when he’s a senior, I’m going to have to take a few large boxes of Kleenex to every game, knowing each one gets closer to the last one.

Tad is my youngest of four kids–two boys and two girls–and sports have been a huge part of my boys’ life. I have spent many, many hours on cold, hard bleachers, in gyms, on baseball fields, by swimming pools.

Worth every moment!

So here’s a three-hanky story for you. I can’t even imagine how these parents felt after this game.