Friday’s Photo Caption Contest: Waiting for your Wit

Suzanne Uncategorized 41 Comments

With our temperatures hitting 100 degrees this week, I thought this picture would be rather…well, refreshing…to ponder for a caption!


Last week’s winner was Martha Troxel with her funny “Amish air conditioning” caption. I was babysitting two little grandchildren this week and didn’t have a chance to reply to the comments, but I did read them! I get such a kick out of my blog readers’ brilliance. Keep ’em coming! And Martha…email me with your mailing address so I know where to send your signed book.

Comments 41

  1. You can cross the road if you want to, you crazy rooster, but this chicken isn’t taking any chances. Drivers around here don’t know how to drive in these conditions.

  2. “My lips are frozen! My lips are frozen! I can’t feel my lips!”

    “Chickens don’t have lips. Every bird brain knows that!”

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