Forgettable Lasagna

Suzanne Uncategorized

This week, my son’s freshmen basketball team is coming over for a Pasta Feed at our house. Tad, my 15-year-old, is at that awkward, self-conscious, easily mortified stage of life and informed me that whatever I decided to make, it had to be NOT MEMORABLE.

I asked him, “What exactly does that mean?????”

Patiently, as if he were talking to someone very dense, or perhaps an immigrant with extremely limited English language skills, he explained that it meant my meal couldn’t be gourmet, organic, or healthy. In other words, “Just the facts, ma’am.”

So I spent Saturday afternoon making seven (yes, you read that right. 7!) lasagna casseroles because I have no idea how much food a basketball team of 15-year-old boys can eat, especially right after a practice. The lasagnas are about as basic as lasagna can get. No frills. No fancy sauce. No mushrooms. Nothing resembling anything green.

In the midst of trying to figure out how to get seven casseroles into my fridge, my sister called to ask me how my forgettable lasagna was turning out. Rather well, I think, but I’ll keep you posted.