Easter Sunday!

Suzanne Uncategorized

Easter has always been my favorite day of the year. For those of us who believe in Jesus Christ as God’s Son, it is the most meaningful event in all of history.

There was one Easter, in particular, that stood out to me.

Ten years ago, we were living in Hong Kong and spent Easter Sunday in London, England. We attended the Easter service at All Souls Church (John Stott’s church)–a not-to-be-missed experience on any Sunday of the year.

When we rose to our feet to sing “Christ the Lord is Risen Today,” I was struck with the realization that our friends in Hong Kong had already sung that very song, we–in London–were singing it now, and within 8 hours, my family in California would be in church, singing it.

This “3rd rock from the sun planet” was slowly turning on its axis, singing praises to the Lord God for this most magnificent of days. God must be pleased.