Conversations with Dad

Suzanne Uncategorized

On Saturday afternoon, my son Gary and I dropped by to see Dad. Gary has this wonderful joie de vivre. He walked into the Alzheimer’s unit with a big smile. He saw my dad and gave him the family two-note whistle (up, down, up down, up down).

(Just a side note…I think that’s such a smart way to greet someone with dementia. Other family members go up to Dad, expecting him to remember them. Not fair! Too hard! Gary greeted Dad as if to say, “Hey! I know you!) 

Dad’s face lit up–not sure at that point if he recognized Gary or if he just was pleased to have company…but then he shuffled up to Gary. When Dad reached Gary, he leaned over and tightened up his tie knot. It’s something he has done with his grandsons for years! Such a grandfatherly thing to do.

Such a small moment…but it warmed our hearts.