Conversations with Dad

Suzanne Uncategorized

My friend Kathy sent this to me last Sunday…she attends the same church where my mom and dad are going. My brother and his family, too. They’re the delivery service for Dad since Mom is no longer driving Dad…anywhere.

I saw your mom and dad at church today – it was so sweet! Your dad and I chatted a bit…I got teary as I looked over at him and saw him singing with such joy when we sang the two traditional hymns (How Great Thou Art and Amazing Grace). Your mom seemed so good too..I will make sure to look for them on Sunday so I can give a hug and hello.

What seemed so touching is that it just seems like such a normal moment. I often wonder what these years with Dad would have been like if he didn’t have Alzheimer’s disease. I can’t think about that too much…cuz it doesn’t take much to feel a little cheated, for his sake and Mom’s. But if he weren’t ill, I think this is a pretty good idea of the best of those times.