Conversations with Dad

Suzanne Uncategorized

I haven’t posted much about my dad lately because…there hasn’t been a lot of good news to share. He was “released” from one of his respite care programs due to problem behavior, which created a domino effect. We always knew that when the respite care stopped, Dad would need to be in a more “structured” environment (ahem, locked down).

My siblings and I have struggled with the balance of keeping Dad happy and active, yet keeping him safe, too. After the last escape, when the police found him thirty minutes away, after he had hopped into strangers’ cars, we knew that priority had changed. Keeping him safe has become more important than keeping him happy and active.

So, the time has come for a move. In two weeks, Dad will be living in a beautiful Alzheimer’s facility. The other day, I took him for an assessment and was ready to sign myself in! It’s that nice!

Dad has been declining quite a bit–he hasn’t used my name in months. But in church on Sunday, when everyone stood to say the Lord’s Prayer, he repeated it by memory, word for word.

The human brain (or is it the soul?) is just amazing.