Conversations with Dad

Suzanne Uncategorized

The other day, I took my dad out on some errands and asked him a few questions about his childhood. Usually, he can recall more from his long-term memory bank than short-term…typical of Alzheimer’s. Today, he couldn’t answer any of my questions.

Little slips, little slips.

So, after running out of things to say, I turned on the radio to 102.1 FM (my favorite station). A Christmas carol was playing–just instrumental–“O Come, All Ye Faithful.” To my surprise, my dad belted out the words! Right on tune, didn’t miss a beat! Or mix up a single word.

I glanced over at my dad, singing away at the top of his lungs in my mini-van, and felt that catch-in-the-heart feeling. A sweet moment locked in my memory.