Coffee Break

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On Monday afternoon, I attended the funeral of a lovely 80-year-old woman named Nella, who died very suddenly in her home last week. I arrived a tiny bit late, straight from a dentist appointment, and slipped into the packed church. Here’s what struck me as I walked into the sanctuary: the joy! the laughter! the good grief (to quote our pastor).

Nella left behind such a legacy of faith for her family and friends that we ended up with a longing for all she’s gained in Heaven, rather than all we’ve lost by her death. One son-in-law mentioned  a favorite phrase of Nella’s: “If you pray, why worry? And if you worry, why pray?”

Such simple wisdom! And Nella lived by it.

Our pastor left us with a question: How do you want to be remembered?

I’ve thought of nothing else for the last few days. I’m working on an answer. What about you? How would you answer that question?