Buggies, Books, and Children

Suzanne Uncategorized

Some pix from a trip I took a few months ago to visit some Amish families in Pennsylvania. We stopped to drop some flowers off at my friend’s daughter-in-law’s house. Adorable little children playing in the front yard.

And then I had my first buggy ride!

This was Twila, the horse who obliged us. She doesn’t look too excited to go out, but she rallied!
This is taken from the inside of a buggy. It’s surprisingly noisy inside…the clip clop of the horse, the wind swirling past you. Imagine how it feels to have a car or truck pass you! Like an tornado rattles by!

Three-year-old Laura’s favorite spot in the buggy.
My friend’s finished basement–quilt frame in one corner, waiting to be quilted. A ping pong table in another! Notice the bookshelves!

If you think the Amish’ education ends at 8th grade, have another think! Formal schooling might end, but not their education. They are live-long learners.