Book Clubs!

Suzanne Uncategorized

Since September rolled around, I’ve been participating in book clubs that have read Copper Star. Roughly two per week! Scheduled all the way into January.

It is such a privilege to attend these groups. Each group has its own personality, differing in age groups and “time of life”–but they share a love of the written word. I’ve been “wow-ed” by the depth of insight, thoughtful questions, and warmth extended to a first-time author.

It’s also interesting to me that each group takes a different angle of the book. Some are intrigued by the facts of war, others by the characters, others by the historical setting. A few by the copper mines! It reminds me that reading a book is a subjective journey.

One of the biggests blessings of the book–and one I hadn’t anticipated–is the pleasure of connecting with readers. I feel grateful to each one.