Blog Talk Radio Interview: "The Wellness Experience"

Suzanne Uncategorized

Last Thursday, I spoke to the host of the Wellness Experience program on Blog Talk Radio for an hour. My longest interview yet!

I’m finally getting these interviews down to a science. I close all the shades in my kitchen because it is so easy to lose my train of thought when an interesting bird swoops past my kitchen sink window.

And I have a cup of warm (not hot) water, to counteract the horrible coughing fit I had during an interview last month. I put a note on the front door to not ring the bell or knock persistently or even think about trying to come in. Basically…just go away for now.

I press *67 on the phone to hold off incoming calls…which I’m not really sure works. I spread out all of my papers and books on the kitchen counter. And then I wait, nervously, for the phone to ring. Takes a minute or two of talking before I get into a rhythm. Sort of.

This is kind of what I look like on the radio. Other than the hair and the body and the flawless features and the breathy voice.

I never think I sound very smooth on radio (that’s what I like about writing…I can edit myself!). This is a long interview, but here’s the link, if you’re interested.